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Air Charter FAQ

1. What is Ado Air Charter?

AdoAir Charter is an air charter brokerage that offers the best charter quotations available; very quick quotation turnaround times; professional, expert account managers; and a wide range of luxury lifestyle management solutions.

2. How does AdoAir Charter work?

It’s simple: either you visit our website ( and fill in an easy-to-follow request form, or call our Operations (+27 11 7012587  &  +27 (0) 827991340and speak to one of our expert account managers. We will confirm your request within a few minutes of its submission, and provide you with the most cost-effective and appropriate charter solutions on the same day. In an industry where obtaining charter quotations can sometimes take days, we pride ourselves on a rapid turnaround time. In addition, your expert account manager will inquire as to any lifestyle management requirements you may have – no matter where you are travelling.

3. Isn’t air charter very expensive?

Air charter is not synonymous with budget travel – but it offers great benefits such as travelling flexibility and tremendous savings in time. Confidentiality and security are working to your advantage.   AdoAir Charter also aims to make air charter more attractive to a wider range of travellers, by making it a more affordable option.

4. Why should I charter an aircraft, instead of taking commercial flights?

Air charter offers you great flexibility in terms of travel – you can travel when you want and where you want, without being constrained by airline schedules or airport size, and you can cut out having to travel in legs. And you will save a lot of time in the process, too – and we all know that time is money.

5. What are the costs involved with using Ado Air Charter's services?

The air charter quotations that Ado Air Charter provides to customers are inclusive of all costs related to the charter.

6. What lifestyle services can AdoAir Executive Charter offer me?

Whatever your lifestyle requirement, try us – you will be very pleasantly surprised! Specifically, Ado Air Charter can assist you with bespoke international travel itineraries, hotel bookings, city guides, chauffeur services and close protection. But our luxury lifestyle management service offering is not limited, and our expert account managers can arrange just about anything, anywhere in the world.

In addition, customers flying in or out of Lanseria International Airport will have access to the airport’s exclusive and ultra-private VVIP and Protocol Lounge.

7. I don’t want to use your lifestyle management offerings – so why should I use Ado Air Charter at all?

Customers are not required to make use of Ado Air Charter's lifestyle management offerings at all. They are a value-added benefit that Ado Air Charter offers them, and customers who charter a flight are given access to the lifestyle management offering at no extra charge.

8. What if I do not want to charter an aircraft, but I would like to make use of Ado Air Charter's luxury lifestyle management offering?

Ado Air Charter customers are most welcome to request lifestyle management services without first chartering an aircraft.

9. Other charter companies also offer hotel bookings and the like. What makes Ado Air Charter different?

It is so that some charter companies offer value-added services such as hotel bookings, but ours is a true, all-round lifestyle management service that goes far beyond making sure a customer has a bed for the night. Our expert account managers are trained to find just about anything a customer needs or desires and our agreements with numerous suppliers globally means that we can leverage excellent deals.

10. I’m very happy with my current charter company/broker. Why should I bring my business to Ado Air Charter?

Quite simply, because Ado Air Charter's dedicated service managers offer you a superior level of service, competitive pricing and a wide breadth of options. You can trust Ado Air Charter to give you more time, more choice, and the lifestyle you deserve.

Contact us :
Tel:  +27 (0) 11 659 2491
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